Book Collection: The Small Stakes

The Small Stakes: Music Posters
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN-13: 978-0811872300
Available at Amazon.



Letterhead stationary links

New typography books pt. 1

Typeface design by Kris Sowersby. Limited edition 2009 Klim Type Foundry specimen book.
210 × 140mm 96 pages. Order here.

Nicholas Feltron annual report 09

Once again Nicholas Feltron has produced another amazing annual report for 2009. And for those who are interested here are links to 2008, 2007, and 2006.

Alvin Lustig: design pioneer


Here’s a link to a fantastic resource on the life and work of Alvin Lustig, an American Graphic Designer, 1915-1955. Check out the typographic gallery.

Ladislav Sutnar: design pioneer


Another wonderful post from grain edit, a gallery of images from Catalog Design Progress: Advancing Standards in Visual Communication by K. Lonberg-Holm and Ladislav Sutnar.

Corporate diversity: swiss design


Lars Muller has recently published a book of graphic design work produced for Geigy between 1940-1970. Here’s a link to a few pics and here’s a link to a few more.
Via grain edit/things to look at.

Paul Rand’s business card

While I did once have the opportunity to meet the amazingly talented and sometimes cantankerous Mr. Rand, until now I had never seen his business card before.
Here’s a link to a pic of his card as well as an interesting story.
Via amassblog.

Piet Zwart, dutch graphic designer


A particularly nice slideshow from the Ars Libri collection featuring the work of dutch graphic designer Piet Zwart has been posted on Design Observer. Well worth a look.